At International Consulting and Strategy, we are committed to delivering the highest quality professional services to our clients in France and around the globe. We do so within an ethical framework and fully abide by the policies of the voluntary and regulatory bodies of the consulting professions.

Our core values

In this statement there are a lot of truths and values, which determine our daily work:

  • Responsible handling of resources has an absolute priority.
  • We protect the company of our customers against all possible risks.
  • We appreciate and consider all customer information and treat them confidential.
  • We protect our own company against financial risks.
  • We improve our business processes continuously.
  • We are obliged to offer credibility and honesty.
  • Committed employees are the key to success.
  • We promote motivation and reliability.
  • We communicate openly and honestly.
  • We create trust.

At ICS, we create added value and satisfaction by bundling competences and know-how in a structured, open and honest communication culture.

Mutual respect, honesty and integrity Mutual respect and an open behavior as well as the honest cooperation are part of the code of conduct at ICS.

Constructive solution approaches and mutual opinions are welcome in order to obtain the best possible results for the company during the communication.

ICS does NOT tolerate any discrimination, no harassment, no insults and expects all stakeholders to respect and appreciate the personality, the sense of value and the private space of each person.


Money laundry, terrorism and other illegal actions

ICS meets the provisions for the eradication of money laundry, corruption and terrorism financing. All employees support this purpose. Illegal actions are neither tolerated nor accepted, but they are punished.

Business relations are kept exclusively with serious customers, advisors and business partners, whose business activity agrees with the legal provisions and whose financial means have legal origins.


Relations with market participants, customers and interested parties

ICS makes certain to all parties and stakeholders it works with that it is expressly forbidden to grant advantages of any type to officials as well as representatives of state offices.

In case of contacts with parties and political organisations as well as holders and candidates for political offices the applicable laws shall be met.


Behaviour of customers and interested parties

ICS expects its customers and other market participants to support the meeting of the applicable laws in their companies and to preventively act against criminal acts in their companies, while acting in good faith.



ICS is a company domiciled and registered in France. In compliance with the provisions of the 2nd Sapin law (Law No. 2016-1691 of December 9th, 2016) relative to transparency and the fight against corruption, ICS pledges to undertake lobbying activities only in limited circumstances and always in accordance with the fundamental ethical principles that form the basis of its philosophy.

At all times, we act in accordance with French and local laws and regulations; behave honestly and promote a culture of integrity.

ICS at all times respects the codes of conduct and regulations of the institutions, particularly in the context of their missions of general interest, professional organizations and/or public or private companies from which ICS works with and represents on behalf of its clients.

ICS pledges to, at all times, provide information in good faith.



ICS denounces any act of bribery or trading in influence, whether active or passive. We never offer nor accept benefits of any kind that could not be simply objectively viewed as within the scope of a professional courtesy.

We make sure at all times to avoid placing ourselves in a situation where a conflict of interest may present itself.